History of the HEYDA brand

Hermann Schlegel and Hugo von der Heyden


Hermann Schlegel and Hugo von der Heyden founded the factory for business books and school supplies in Hagen, under the name Schlegel & von der Heyden.


The company is transformed into a limited partnership under the name Kommanditgesellschaft Heyda-Werk, Schlegel & von der Heyden, and is the first company to market schools supplies and equipment in standard sizes.

Firmengebäude, Ausstellungsraum

1945 - 1990

In 1943, the company building burnt down completely. It was reconstructed and continuously improved over several decades, and new products were developed. Construction paper and cardstock were included in the product range, a new building was constructed on the outskirts.


Traditional crafting paper and cardboard materials were complemented by papers with motifs. This introduces trendy designs to the HEYDA product range.

Heyda Neubau


The brand develops to become one of the most important suppliers of cardboard and paper for crafting and creative products. The company’s premises downtown are no longer sufficient. A new building is constructed with spacious administration and logistics areas.


Heyda is the first creative brand to become part of Baier & Schneider GmbH & Co. KG. New markets and distribution channels are developed.

History of the Knorr prandell brand

Erkennungszeichen 1825


It origins reach back to the Bamberger family who owned a small confectioner’s shop in the Franconian town of Mitwitz The bee becomes its hallmark because bees produce the important raw materials for the small company.


The company begins to import palm leaves from Cuba which is the start of the wickerwork division.


Dissection puzzles and skill games, but also wooden beads and other small parts are included in ist product range.


Under the new owners, the small company changes its name to Knorr, Friedrich & Co. and presents crafting and floristry products for the first time.

Heyda Neubau


Alfred Prandell founds the Steckenpferd-Bastel-Verlag and later on the Prandell creative hobbies GmbH and expands their product ranges.


KNORR becomes the leader of the German creative industry. Merger of the two brands KNORR, Friedrich & Co. and Prandell creative hobbies GmbH under the name KNORR prandell.

End of 1980s to beginning of 2013

These are turbulent decades for the company and the KNORR prandell brand. KNORR prandell is acquired by the Raab Karcher Group and later becomes part of the Gütermann AG. KNORR prandell GmbH is sold again. Starting in 2010, they operate under the name Creative Hobbies Group. In 2013, the division becomes insolvent.

May 2013

Baier & Schneider GmbH & Co. KG complements its creative division and takes over both the company and also the KNORR prandell trademark.

v.l.n.r. Hermann Schlegel, Hugo von der Heyden
Showroom Baier & Schneider

The creative brands HEYDA and KNORR prandell under the roof of Baier & Schneider

HEYDA and KNORR prandell stand for a great variety in crafting accessories. Their product ranges include the full range of paper & cardboard, stamps, punches & stickers, crafting in general, tools & glue, adhesives, jewellery, textiles, casting, modelling, wax, colours, paint, also for decorations & floristics. The strengths of both brands are the development of innovative product ranges, provision of top quality, and comprehensive personal service.

This ensures that hobbyists can steadily rely on the top class creative articles of the HEYDA and KNORR prandell brands which are available in retail shops.