Knorr Prandel

The Company and it's History

The brand name KNORR prandell originated in 1825, when the Bamberger family founded a small confectioner's shop in the southern German city of Mitwitz. The distinguishing feature chosen for the logo was the honey bee, which produced the basic material needed for the small company. Around 1840, the industrious small trade business first imported palm leaves from Cuba.

A logo from the Bamberger Family's period of establishment

Subsequently, the business was further developed to include wicker products, which became a significant part of the assortment over many decades. Over the course of time, many items made of wood and basket weave such as carpet beaters, baskets, and various accessories like handles and fittings were on offer at Bamberger's company. Apart from the wicker items, wooden products played an increasingly large role in the assortment from 1920 on. Various board games and dexterity games as well as wooden beads and small parts completed the range of products.

End of the 19th century

In 1949 the company, under new ownership and the new name, Knorr, Friedrich & Co., presented for the first time, Arts & Crafts Items and Floral Crafts Creations at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

During this period, Lichtenfels was the centre of creative works and basket making in Germany. Thus, in 1958 the businessman and inventor Alfred Prandell - also in Lichtenfels - established the "Steckenpferd-Bastel-Verlag (Hobby Horse Arts & Crafts Publisher),which later became Prandell Creative Hobbies GmbH. The range of products was consistantly extended and covered the category groups Enamels, Etching Technology, Branding, Silk Painting as well as Castings & Mouldings, and was particularly successful with attractive 'Complete Sets' that were compiled from the items on offer.

The "Steckenpferd Bastelverlag" -
"Hobby Horse Crafts Publisher" from
Alfred Prandell

The Knorr Exhibition Train drove the length and breadth of Germany for the first time in1985. At 40 chosen locations, almost all of the complete assortment of goods in 2 specially equipped carraiges were presented by sales representatives and the sales assistants who were accompanying them. It was at this time that Knorr developed and became market leader of the German Creative brands.

The end of the 80s brought about a change in the chaptors in the history of the business - at first under the umbrella of the Raab Karcher Group and then from 1999 as part of the Gueterman Corp. with the company name KNORR prandell Ltd. In 2002 the paint company WACO became part of the group.

The Guetermann Group sold the company in 2010. The merging of the Arts & Crafts Service Ltd, the Kars & Co. B.V. and the KNORR prandell Ltd resulted in the new company: the Creative Hobbies Group. This constellation of companies ended at the beginning of 2013 when the Creative Hobbies Group became insolvent.

Baier & Schneider Ltd & Co. KG took over the essential assets of the insolvent Creative Hobbies Group in May 2013 and is carrying on business with a new market performance and a new brand image for KNORR prandell Creative Ltd.

The KNORR prandell Exhibition Stand at the Creative World 2014 in Frankfurt

From 2015 KNORR prandell items will become part of the product range at Baier & Schneider in Heilbronn.

Ever since the founding family started operating, the idea for the business and the brand was always to manufacture and deliver the very best.This spirit can still be felt today. The power of the brand still lies in the innovative development of the assortment, providing first class quality, and successful concepts. This attractive benefits package for traders is complemented by strong distribution - with many competent specialist consultants both nationally and internationally - and an efficient logistics system, which provides the traders with creative assortments quickly and reliably.