Knorr Prandel

Frequently asked questions

For private customers

Where can I buy KNORR prandell creative products?

You can get KNORR prandell brand products in certain specialist shops, shopping centres and department stores that carry arts & crafts goods. 

Are there any problems with our products?

In very rare situations, it can happen even at KNORR prandell, that problems with the product quality can arise. Please do not hesitiate to draw our attention to any such problems. We are continually making improvements whereby your satifaction is always top of the list. To guarantee a quick solution for any complaints, please contact the trader where the product was purchased and upon presentation of your receipt, the matter will be dealt with very quickly.

Can I use stamps and punches of the KNORR prandell and HEYDA brands for commercial purposes?

The motifs of the stamps and punches of the KNORR prandell and HEYDA brands are protected by
copyright and can be used for individual hand-crafted creative works in a smaller scale, for example, at
craft markets. Learn more

For traders

How can I become a trader for The KNORR prandell assortment?

You would like to have the KNORR prandell creative assortment in your programme?
Please call (+49 7131/886-0) or send us an email to

How can I request image and text data for the products?

You can quite simply request any imaga data per email at the following address: Please let us know the following information when placing an order: Customer Number, Article Number of the required products, intended purpose (print or online use)